Image of Something Wicked (The Colony)


Image of Something Wicked (The Colony)

This latest novel by Jackson and Bush, centered around a clan of women with special psychic abilities, is sure to give you chills. Their intricate, intriguing plotting, coupled with an uncanny ability to lead you step by small step through a mystery layered in suspense and the supernatural, makes this a novel that is sure to hook you and hold onto you until the very last page.

Detective Savannah Dunbar gets a strange request from Catherine Rutledge, the matriarch of Siren Song, a colony of women living together who have special psychic “gifts.” Meanwhile, a brutal double murder case that her department has been investigating suddenly yields new leads. Things become complicated for Savannah as she discovers secrets among the women of Siren Song. Then the double murder case turns personal and she finds herself suddenly in the sights of a murderer who is looking to kill again. (ZEBRA, Jun., 438 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates