Jordan Townsende, cynical Duke of Hawthorne, is on his way home one night when he is set upon by thieves. He is rescued by a knight in rusty armor. Much to Jordans surprise his rescuer is a lovely girl, Alexandra Lawrence. Worried about her injuries, Jordan takes her to an inn. By morning, shes considered compromised and they must marry.

Though Alex doesnt want to get married, she does fall wholeheartedly in love with her husband. She sees behind his mask of indifference and discovers his passion. Just when it seems that their marriage might have a chance, Jordan is captured in France and imprisoned.

Months pass before he escapes, and Alex changes from the artless country girl, to one of the most sophisticated and sought-after women in London. Wary of her now, Jordan reverts to his arrogance and falls into a trap of jealousy and pride. Yet Alex will not relinquish Jordans love as she fights to the end for her dreams to come true.

Originally a top pick gold medal, this novel is rare and beautiful, a true classic. Judith McNaught not only spins dreams, but she makes them come true, which is why shes one of the premier authors of the genre. Her work reflects her understanding of the complexity of the emotion we call love. She makes you laugh, cry and fall in love again. This book is a cherished treasure. SENSUAL (Reissue, Jan., 418 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin