Image of Somewhat Saved


Image of Somewhat Saved

As in G'Orge-Walker's previous novel, Cruisin' on Desperation, there are too many characters and plot twists. Nevertheless, this story has heart
and spunk.

Sarah Shady and Sasha Pray Onns, the feisty Mother Board leaders of Ain't Nobody Saved But Us -- All Others Going to Hell church, believe God's favor shines only on them. But when the new pastor, Leotis Walker, takes the helm of the church, all learn an important lesson about themselves and their faith.

Meanwhile, Zipporah Moses, Sister Sasha's niece, is homeless when Chandler Lamb hires her as a cocktail waitress. Zipporah needs this job or she's back on the streets, but she can't control her growing attraction to her boss. (Dafina, Apr., 288 pp., $22.00)
Reviewed by: 
Dee Y. Stewart