Wed as children Julia Hargate and Damon, Lord Savage, have not seen each other since. Adult Julia has become the toast of London's stage as the beautiful and talented actress, Jessica Wentworth.

Damon wants to find his wife so he can file for an annulment and get on with his life. When he meets the lovely Jessica, he knows he must make her his.

Julia tries to avoid Damon but Logan Scott, the theater's manager and leading actor, convinces her to dine with Damon in the best interest of the theater.

As Julia tries to keep her secret from Damon, she finds herself falling under his spell. She knows Damon would not approve of her life in the theater. When Damon discovers Julia's secret, Julia gives in at last to her longings and their wedding vows are consummated.

While Damon seeks to woo his wife, Julia tries to convince herself she does not love Damon and that she can live without him. With a scheming and conniving ex-mistress hot on his trail, a dashing younger brother to rescue and an unwilling wife, Damon has his hands full. Will Damon sacrifice his ideals of the perfect wife to save their marriage?

SOMEWHERE I'LL FIND YOU is a delightful love story which uses the old adage "happiness is no further than your own backyard." With a deft pen, Ms. Kleypas uses touches of humor and pathos to win readers' hearts. SENSUAL (Oct., 377 pp.,$5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox