Kathryn Lynn Davis brings us another remarkable story of the entwined lives of three half-sisters and their children, especially Ena Rose. A true child of the glen, Ena?s love of animals and the forest brings her closer to the land and her Scottish roots.

She is growing to womanhood and discovering all the wonders, sorrows, tragedies and triumphs that accompany growing up. Helped along by her family, Ena will soon learn the good and bad, the beauty and sadness of life, and the pain of love and loss, until she finds her own kind of peace, just as all of the other Rose women did.

I am always in awe of the way Ms. Davis? novels are wise and wonderful, simple and complicated. SOMEWHERE LIES THE MOON will touch you in many different ways. Uncomplicated wisdom leads each woman to find her destiny through the myriad complexities of life?s journey. The fragile truths they uncover along the way move them along to their final understanding of life.

A Top Pick in hardcover in Oct. ?99, SOMEWHERE LIES THE MOON will make you think and perhaps change a little bit yourself. This is not just Ena?s story, but a story for all women who have been searching for answers throughout time. SENSUAL (Aug., 720 pp., $7.99—Hardcover published October 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin