With World War II escalating, the Hayes sisters each find themselves in difficult situations. The eldest, Cameron, is still in Russia, in love with a doctor whose faith makes it difficult for their relationship to continue. In addition, she has discovered some information leading to her half-brother and is determined to follow this new lead, no matter how dangerous it is.

Newly married Blair travels to the Philippines to be with Gary, but with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the dangers in Manila, they can hardly work on their suffering relationship. As she travels north to safety, Blair worries she will never see Gary again. Will she be able to find the faith she needs? Will they finally be together?

Jackie and Sam (Yoshito) already had problems to contend with in their relationship due to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Now with Japanese families being interned, they may never see each other again.

This second book in the series appears historically correct and is well written, but readers may be a little confused if they have not read the first book. The pacing could have been turned up a notch as well, especially with Cameron's storyline. SWEET (Nov., 720 pp., $18.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston