Image of Son of a Gun (Harlequin Intrigue # 1341)


Image of Son of a Gun (Harlequin Intrigue # 1341)

SON OF A GUN (4) by Joanna Wayne: On the run from a kidnapping gun runner, Emma Duran and the orphaned infant she’s protecting get lost on Damien Lambert’s land. Damien is suffering from his own identity crisis as the oldest son of an influential Texas ranching clan, but when he stumbles upon Emma and the child, he vows to keep them safe. Even though her tale of kidnapping and imprisonment sounds ludicrous, Emma’s terror is very real and as the facts unfold, the malicious acts of a madman get closer to threatening everything Damien holds dear. The shivers start building from the first chapter and don’t stop rattling until the last climactic page.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper