Image of The Son He Never Knew


Image of The Son He Never Knew
THE SON HE NEVER KNEW (4) by Kristi Gold: Ten years after an indiscretion with Chase Reed the night before he left for Afghanistan, divorced mom Jess Keller-Wainwright finds herself at his mercy after her ex-husband sustains a skull fracture while in her presence. Chase, as a police officer in their small town, is determined to help and believes in Jess, even knowing that she might be lying about what happened that night. But the situation becomes more muddled when Chase learns that Jess’ son, Danny, is actually his. Gold nicely combines well-drawn characters with an interesting storyline, and does an excellent job depicting the sexual tension between Jess and Chase. Even when they must stay apart to protect Jess’ case and Chase’s job, they are drawn together.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay