Ever wondered what happens next in your favorite fairy tale? Australian new voice Juliet Marillier provides a beautifully wrought answer to the legend of the swans in this sequel to her debut novel, Daughter of the Forest. This is Liadans tale, niece to the brothers who were transformed into swans and saved by their sister. The Fair Folk are still manipulating the Sevenwaters clan, and there are secrets to be unmasked, a prophecy to fulfill and evil to be thwarted. Liadan, a healer like her mother, is captured by a band of mercenaries to save their gravely wounded armorer. Her compassion and innocence weave a gentle spell around the menbut not their leader, the Painted Man. He hides behind a dark tattoo adorning half his face and body. Liadan is powerful in her purity, and her strength unravels the mystery behind the SON OF THE SHADOWS (4.5G). In a magical voyage to a lyrical land, Ms. Marilliers words embody the Celtic spirit. The exquisite poetry of the story is carefully balanced with strong characterizations and more than a nod to Irish mythology. Hardcover.

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper