Image of The Sonderberg Case


Image of The Sonderberg Case

Wiesel’s words sing in this novel. There is a deep understanding of the psychology of self, and the protagonist is less a journey maker than a person who falls into experiences. It is how this ordinary man meets his challenges, evaluates his hardships, comes to terms with the inconceivable and makes his peace with his creator that bring such difficult subject matter into focus. While readership for this novel will be naturally limited by its dark subject matter, it should not be — it is a lyric of life, death and beauty that all can value.

Yedidiah is a theater critic in New York City, content with his life, and with his wife, an actress who is married to the stage as much as to him. As he grows older, he reminisces about the past that shaped him. As a young journalist, he was thrust into the spotlight when he was randomly assigned to cover one of the most infamous cases of murder in the century. The enigma of the Sonderberg case, and its dramatic nature, shapes the remainder of Yedidiah’s life, and the revelations he gets from the accused shapes his relationship with death. (KNOPF, Oct., 192 pp., $25.00)
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Victoria Frerichs