Aidan MacAllister sings to dragons, making them remember what it is to be free. When Dragon Riders start losing control of their dragons, King Devlin orders his 21-year-old cousin imprisoned. Aidan is a tortured prisoner for 17 years, released only when he maintains complete silence. Lara is a female Ridemark. Influenced by Aidan's music, Lara steals a dragon and her loose control causes it to escape, but not before it scars her with its fire. Healed by Elhim rebels, Lara supports their cause to free the dragons from Ridemark control. The Elhim need Aidan to finish their freeing spells, and Aidan needs Lara to help him remember his music. Carol Berg delivers top-notch entertainment in SONG OF THE BEAST (4). She introduces a new world to readers, with robust characters in a detailed, multilayered environment. (May, 480 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper