Image of A Song for My Mother


Image of A Song for My Mother

This poignant and heartfelt story about family, appreciation and love is emotionally rich and told simply and effectively. However, the characters feel a bit flat. Much of their emotions are discussed rather than felt or expressed with internal dialogue. It is difficult to relate to them and therefore difficult to become involved in their conflicts and dilemmas.

Marly Hansen’s daughter is recovering from brain cancer and wants to get to know her grandmother. That doesn’t mean Marly is ready to forgive and forget the fact that her mother chose an abusive husband over her daughter. Yet for her daughter’s sake Marly is willing to give it a try. She returns to her childhood home for the summer so her daughter and mother can connect. Reed Bennett, the widower next door, might have other plans. As her daughter and Reed’s son get close Marly must decide whether she’s willing to give love, and forgiveness, a try. (VANGUARD, Apr., 224 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton