In despair and grief, Adam Carlyle hopes the sea will claim his life. But as he waits on the storm-tossed waters, he looks up to see a young woman singing at the stern of a sailing ship. Before his eyes, she falls overboard and he dives in to rescue her.

Callie Melbourne is going to England to meet the man her father has chosen as her husband, Harold Carlyle, when she is swept into the icy water. She awakens in a strange home with no memory.

Feeling responsible, Adam does all he can to help her reclaim her life. Suddenly he has a reason to live. Callie brings the joy and light that has been missing back into his life. But the truth of Callie's identity rears its head when his cousin, Harold, recognizes Callie as his betrothed. Adam must act quickly to claim Callie or risk losing her forever.

Katherine Kingsley creates beautiful love stories that carry powerful messages about faith, hope and love. Here is another gloriously uplifting romance that allows our hearts to swell with joy and shed a sweet tear or two while smiling with pleasure. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin