War is coming to the Aurelian Empire, and Valeria, the first woman Rider, is again at the heart of conflict. Kerrec, her lover and First Rider, is mired in darkness and sets off on a desperate quest for healing. Valeria is forbidden to follow, but she does anyway, driven by instinct and vision that the two of them, whole and strong in body and in magic, will have to perform a dance unlike any ever seen, that the white stallions who embody the gods of the empire will use them again to save their wounded land.

Second in a unique fantasy series, this book sparkles with as much drama and romance as the first. Kerrec and Valeria are fascinating, likable and realistic heroes, flawed but determined, and the reader feels their pain and revels in their triumphs.

Battle scenes are well-done, not unnecessarily gory but integral to the storytelling. The first volume, The Mountain's Call, should definitely be read prior to this one, since previous events are referenced frequently. Fans of the first will not be disappointed in this second entry. (Oct., 480 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum