As postmistress of Boothill, Texas, Letty Madden is used to living a quiet, uneventful life, but when her twin brother Luke's life is threatened, she turns into a tiger willing to do or sacrifice anything to save him.

Luke has been working as a missionary in the small country of Zarcero. Unfortunately, when the government is overthrown, Luke is arrested, tortured and thrown in prison.

With her ability to sense her twin's pain and growing weakness, Letty knows that the clock is ticking. As postmistress, she has seen the unusual mail received by Shaun Murphy of the Deliverance Company. Murphy is dumbfounded by sedate little Letty's proposal to rescue her brother. To scare her off, Murphy demands that she be part of any bargain. When Letty agrees, Murphy is trapped.

Jack Keller, Murphy's best friend and colleague, starts to wonder if a home life is something he needs. Longtime on-again off-again lover Marcie Alexander seems like a likely candidate. Torn between two men, Marcie desperately wants to make the right decision after a life of loneliness.

During the rescue mission, Letty and Murphy face a captain's plan to make a very public example of them. With death hovering, the pair realize they will have a lot to talk about...if they survive.

This accomplished author has created a consistently excellent romance! SOONER OR LATER demonstrates Ms. Macomber's extraordinary talent. (June, 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith