For twenty years, Buck Duveen has been kept locked away in the Hudson Sanitarium. A psychotic killer, Buck has fantasized about killing the woman who placed him there, Miss Lottie Parrish. After being released, Buck makes his way across the country to begin his final revenge.

Ellie Parrish Duveen was raised by her grandmother, Miss Lottie, after her parents death decades earlier. And after the legendary Parrish fortune runs dry, Ellies bistro supports them. Miss Lottie still has one asset which she refuses to sell, Journeys End, her magnificent ocean front estate.

Ex-cop Dan Cassidy has sunk everything he owns into a run down winery known as Running Horse Ranch, and dreams of creating a small dynasty. With the help of a brilliant but alcoholic vintner named Carlos, he might succeed.

Dan and Ellie are reunited after a small fender bender, reminding them of the summer he spent teaching her how to surf. Their friendship is put to the test when Miss Lottie is brutally murdered and Ellie and Dan become the prime suspects. While the murderous Buck has achieved part of his plan, act two is just beginning.

With SOONER OR LATER, Elizabeth Adler adds her special and unique touch to the current bumper crop of mesmerizing suspense novels. Another keeper. (Dec., 448 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith