Image of Sophia: Vampires In America (Volume 4)


Image of Sophia: Vampires In America (Volume 4)

Readers have followed the Vampires in America series like a vamp following the scent of blood. As far as vampire fiction goes, this series is unique. Not flying through the air, these vamps have very different and distinct personalities. This book is a fascinating and will leave you hungry for book five, because this author is extremely good at cliffhangers.

The human population of Cooper’s Nest, Wash., is in trouble. In the Pacific Northwest there are lumbermen, computer dweebs and vampires all living together, just waiting for things to erupt. Sophia, a vampire living in South America for 100 years, is called back to Vancouver by her sire, but when she arrives he’s nowhere to be found; there are only vamp bodies and a note telling her about murders in nearby Cooper’s Nest, where a coven is under the direction of another lord, Raphael. Meeting with this vengeful lord, Sophia also finds Colin Murphy, an old acquaintance and former Navy SEAL, who’s now the law in this small town. Colin must fight with vamps against vamps, but he also finds himself wanting to make sure that Sophia (his love, perhaps?) is not this coven‘s next victim. (IMAJINN, May, 244pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor