Strong's Supernatural Bonds series
continues with this captivating entry, replete with BDSM sex woven into an intriguing story of love and obsession, determination and deceit. Familiar faces from her other books lend a hand, while inhuman villains attempt
to thwart everyone.

Sophie doesn't know her heartmate is a dragon, she just knows she wants to locate a fabled chalice. Severn, however, must find the Chalice of Enos before he can bear children with his human mate.

When he meets Sophie, he knows she's the one, and they search for the chalice together -- although she doesn't realize the full implications of the vessel. But their enemies are also searching for the chalice -- and trying to kill Sophie at the behest of Severn's mother, who wants to control his fortune. (, dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown