Menden moves away from the main players in the Elite Hands of Justice, focusing on one lady who never before had to take sides. Fantazia is full of pain and secrets, yet sealed over with a layer of sarcasm and quick wit. Menden gives us a new superhero in this multilayered paranormal tale!

It’s certainly not easy being one of the only people in the world who never dies, especially when one of the others is a father who often forgets you’re his daughter. Instead of dwelling on the past, Fantazia hardens herself to survive. Her plans change, however, when her father and the Elite Hands of Justice request her help in saving the world from a power that can suck a person’s magic dry. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, Fantazia is thrust into the thick of the battle, fighting to save those who’ve suddenly become important to her, like her half-sister Emily and a villain turned good guy named Cyrus. (DORCHESTERPUB.COM)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker