The always fascinating Saranne Dawson returns with another fantasy romance to whisk readers away into fiery love and exotic adventure.

At last they were going home. After a hundred years of exile, the Bacleev have finally been called back to their place of origin, or so the priests claim. Only Shera, daughter of the shegwa leaders has her doubts about the perilous journey that lies ahead. Her fears are unfortunately justified when her parents are killed and she is selected as her peoples new leader.

Her troubling premonitions of danger are seemingly fulfilled when she encounters Gar, the handsome leader of the Walken, who's convinced the return of the Bacleev signals a threat to the well-being of his people. To her horror, Sera begins to see her people succumb to the Dark Ones and turn arrogant and power-hungry.

Maintaining a delicate balance between her growing passion for Gar and duty to her people, Shera begins to recognize that she holds the key to the future survival of her tribe as well as a future in which love is more important than self. (May, 368 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer