With the first book in her Dark Souls series, Hope gives readers a page-turning love story about two lost souls. Her worldbuilding is on par with Sherrilyn Kenyon, and she tortures her characters just as much! The secondary characters, with their own superpowers and faults, add to the fun. Can’t wait for book two!

After pronouncing Jace Cutler dead from a stab wound, Dr. Lia Benson gets a shock when he suddenly wakes up. Even more surprising, none of her colleagues remember his death or even why he’s in the hospital. Jace can’t remember a thing, but knows he’s connected to Lia, whose dreams are filled with dark memories of despair and loneliness that she’s certain belong to Jace. When a nurse mysteriously tries to drown him, Jace flees the hospital, but he’s drawn to Lia. When she’s kidnapped by a group claiming to be the offspring of fallen angels Jace discovers the truth about his heritage. A hybrid, his mother abandoned him to give him a future. When he died, Jace was reborn; now he must choose which path to take. He can join the hybrids and face a life without love while fighting for humanity, go rogue or join the dark forces of the Kleptopsychs, who want the souls of Lia and much of humanity. (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, dl $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice