Image of Soul Caress (Kimani Romance)


Image of Soul Caress (Kimani Romance)
Cinderella has nothing on Princess Kennedy Daniels when it comes to wicked parents. Soul Caress (3), by Kim Shaw, details the lengths parents will go to control their children's lives, and how far children will go to be either pleasing or rebellious. While driving her Mercedes, analyst Kennedy barely survives an accident. She awakens to find she's no longer the "perfect princess" her parents expect. She's blind, crippled and her face is scarred. When Malik Crawford becomes her caregiver, his initial attraction to her intensifies. Their relationship is a shock to her parents, who resort to blackmail and bribery to keep them apart. Although Shaw's a good writer, Kennedy's parents are overly manipulative and overbearing, and the author doesn't explain why they act the way they do.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims