In this entry in the Dark Souls series, Hope advances her compelling tale 25 years, picking up with Adrian’s story. Readers who missed the previous installment needn’t worry; Hope does an excellent job catching up newbies with a recap of past events. Marcus again plays a key role in his son’s story, but Adrian is put through the wringer as he struggles with very human feelings of love and betrayal.

With his beloved Angie dead and the Watchers on his trail, Adrian moved to northern Arizona and rebuilt a community of rogues living and working near humans. When he gets word the Kleptopsychs are up to something big in Phoenix, he rescues a kidnapped woman’s daughter and discovers she’s Angie’s reincarnated soul. Pursued her entire life, Emma and her mother have lived on the run, just one step ahead of the soul-draining fallen angels. With no one else to turn to, Emma accepts Adrian’s assistance. Determined not to overwhelm Emma with memories of their past life, Adrian takes it slow. As the truth of why the Kleptopsychs are after Emma is revealed, keeping her safe could change the world. (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice