On the verge of an important breed law being passed, the president's daughter, Amanda Marion, is being protected to the hilt. But on Halloween night, her "friend" betrays her by giving four assailants access to her home. Unfortunately for them, Amanda refuses to be used as a pawn to help sway her father's vote.

Part of the coyote breed, Kiowa is assigned to protect Amanda. When bodyguards fail to protect her, he rushes to the rescue. Having been hurt by mostly everyone in his past, he hesitates as Amanda tries to get close to him. Their surroundings have him incapable of separating lust from business and one kiss is all it takes for him to know he's found his mate.

Too many plot contrivances put a damper on what would otherwise be an interesting book. For instance, Amanda's four bodyguards are about as adept at protecting her as a roving gang of kittens. Too much emphasis on future books, as well as yawn- inducing facts on the breed law, diverts interest. The book's single redeeming grace is Leigh's masterful touch when it comes to writing sizzling love scenes. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Suzie Housley