When her son is stolen through the use of powerful dark magic, Alanna of Rune, princess of the Fae, turns to Darrick Tadhg. The magic of Rune is fading and Alanna has been warned that the only way she can retrieve her son is with the help of Darrick, the human she loved and left five years ago.

Raped by another man shortly before their nuptials, Alanna left Darrick without explanation. Now Darrick is in the middle of a siege waged by his uncle, Morfran Mortimer, and refuses to help Alanna—until she explains that it was Morfran who raped her, and not only does he have Alanna's son, he is also holding Darrick's mother captive.

Whiddon's third book set in the Fairy world of Rune is magical, mystical, spellbinding and peopled with fascinating and complex characters. The good guys have their flaws, but the bad guys are pure evil. Soul Magic is an intriguing journey that will take you away from reality. (Dec., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley