Image of Soul Magic: A Novel


Image of Soul Magic: A Novel

Lyon is back for the second installment of her promising Magic series as she digs deeper into the mystery of soul mirrors. By setting her romantic protagonists on opposite sides of a curse, she ensures sacrifices will be needed. Readers are in for
a roller-coaster ride of danger and emotional drama!

Two years ago Dr. Carla Fisk's twin sister Keri was murdered by rogue witch hunters. Carla is a powerful witch who helps people in her holistic clinic. Witch hunter Sutton West is trying not to succumb to the blood lust that will destroy his soul. Having been exposed to Carla's blood, he's especially vulnerable.

During a rogue attack, Carla and Sutton realize they've also connected to Keri's trapped soul. Keri is trapped in the knife a rogue named Styx uses to kill other witches. This threesome is problematic -- who is Sutton's soul mirror, Carla or Keri? Rescuing Keri's trapped soul is paramount, but the cost may be terribly high. (BALLANTINE, Nov., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith