Jamal and Cheryl Houston celebrate their first anniversary with a cruise to St. Thomas, thankful that they haven't had the rocky road most couples have during the first year. When they return to Atlanta, however, Cheryl can't explain the eerie feelings that assail her, as if she's being watched, the same feeling she experienced on a St. Thomas beach.

Jamal scoffs at Cheryl's uneasiness until he starts to have nightmares. Then they discover someone is entering and leaving their home without even tripping the alarm system. Despite their best efforts and those of the police, the strain of the break-ins is slowly destroying their marriage. Cheryl decides to reclaim not only her house, but her husband as well.

This is a suspenseful tale of witchcraft, obsession and the triumphant power of love. Ms. Anderson's debut novel is a posh showcase for her talent and artistry. (Apr., 280 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson