Image of A Soul So Wicked (Moon Chasers)


Image of A Soul So Wicked (Moon Chasers)

In the sixth novel in Kohler’s Moon Chaser series, the themes of love and redemption continue. This series is written so each one can be read on its own, and I’ve found each to be distinctive in the telling of lycans and the usual stories about them. Something you can count on in this series is a lot of action, and A Soul So Wicked delivers. Once again, we see the familiar tropes of suffering, revenge and redemption. The book is somewhat formulaic as with the rest of the series, and not necessarily new and different. However, if you follow this series, you won’t want to miss this one! The characters are well written and the story is satisfying.

Tresa is a witch who has traveled for hundreds of years trying to escape the demon who enslaves her. Haunted by the sins of her past, she is determined to cause no more harm, electing to pay a lifetime of penance. Is finding love something she can allow herself? Darius is an immortal cursed to live as a lycan, constantly hunting the one who condemned him. Determined to deliver revenge on the demon witch, he is shocked to learn that Tresa isn’t evil incarnate, but a beautiful and tempting woman. Although they are both tormented by years of pain, it seems that becoming lovers could be the antidote to their longstanding suffering. But, in addition to bringing them much-needed peace, could their pure love unleash a power to destroy their enemies? (POCKET, Dec, 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes