Erotica buffs will embrace this modern day paranormal filled to the brim with sex, shifters and demons which takes place in the city of sin. Besides the luminous characters who sparkle (and, not the vampire kind), readers will find the story easy to grasp as we are whisked through decades past to fully comprehend the why's and how's of the love story unfolds. The writing is so exquisite that one could almost smell the beans roasting where our main characters work at the coffee shop, and feel that special tingling sensation each time a passionate act comes into play, which is thankfully often. The ending is slightly mind-boggling, but we'll thank our lucky stars that a second book is to follow.

Barista by day and exotic dancer by night, angel-turned-succubus Monica requires sex in order to thrive so she can steal the souls of innocent strangers on behalf of Hell. Her day job at a local cafe gives her the daily fix she needs thanks to her gorgeous boss, Drew; dancing at Hell's Lair, frequented by mortals and demon folk alike, provides many customers willing to satisfy her desires. Everything is going smoothly until Monica's powers begin to weaken and succubi just like her turn up dead. And, just to add some additional complications to the mix, her lover from 1939 pops in for a visit. With a killer on the loose, Monica fears she could be next and wonders if she has the strength to save herself. (APHORDISIA, May, 352 pp., $14.00)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi