When Spence Griffith delivers the message to Roxanne Griffith (no relation) that her fathers remains have been found in Vietnam, he does not realize that by returning the mans effects to his home, Spence has resurrected Matthew Griffiths ghost.

Needing to make amends, Matthew has to convince his daughter, who he never saw when he was alive, to forgive him and to help him make amends with people he has left behind, including his best friend Greg Deitweiler, who has fallen on hard times. Alive, Matt had been the pampered son of a wealthy family. He does not realize the mess he left behind until he confronts the actions that left his wife and infant daughter at the mercy of his snobbish family.

Though Roxannes heart is hardened against the father she never knew, she is drawn to the stranger who shares her last name, and must face her anger and fears.

SOUL SURVIVOR recalls the movie Heaven Can Wait. Ms. Plunkett weaves a sometimes complicated twist of characters and the characters motives run very dark at times, which may be disturbing to more gentle readers. (Dec., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Plunkett