Book one in the Soulbearer trilogy, this fantastical romance is completely different from the myriad of others out there. It’s a great book that pits Trouble against Chaos — two characters that all readers will want to visit again and again!

Trouble, with her bright blonde hair, strives to be as “normal” as possible in her small village so she won’t follow in her “witchy” mother’s footsteps and end up hanging from a noose.

Dev’s only duty in life is to protect the Soulbearer. He roams the world with his red wolf (who sparks into flames) just waiting for his enemy, Sulaino, to take out the Soulbearer so he can get what’s waiting inside that special person all for himself.

One night Loku, the God of Chaos, is transported into the body of Trouble — the new Soulbearer — and Dev must move heaven and earth to save her. Loku is brusque and talks inside the heads of the people he takes over. It’s well known that after a while, all Soulbearers who “carry” him eventually go crazy. But this time, Loku is up against a witch with some pretty strong powers of her own. (CRISTA McHUGH/CREATE SPACE, Apr., 304 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor