Edwards mines the world of fallen angels for her new Wicked Kin series, beginning with Soul Weaver, a rich romance you’ll lose yourself in. Once you have a sense of the complicated world Edwards is building, this race-against-time romance between a bookseller, who suffers from agoraphobia after a life-threatening accident, and the man she has no idea is a fallen angel will have hearts melting. Edwards is off to an excellent start with this series.

Nathaniel is charged not only with collecting departed souls, but also weaving them into wings for his fellow fallen angels. But, then, he breaks one of the most important rules: getting involved with a human on the brink of death. However, saving Chloe’s life only buys her a little more time. As the forces of hell pursue him, Nathaniel tells himself he only wants to observe Chloe, but can he really resist when their souls are so attracted to each other? (HACHETTEBOOKGROUP.COM, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo