Image of Soul of the Wildcat


Image of Soul of the Wildcat

Quinn's tale of a shapeshifting tribe
facing extinction and a woman with
a rocky past is well paced, with exhilarating suspense and terror, matched with calmer scenes of characters
cautiously falling in love. The fine
heroine is torn between U.S. law
and Native American sovereignty,
and readers are sure to empathize
with her struggles.

Jesse Clawfoot is part of the Tlvdatsi, a Native American tribe imbued with powerful magic that allows them to transform into cougars. Their land is protected but still vulnerable to poachers who know their secret, and when Jesse is captured, it's up to a new park ranger, Dakoda Jenkins, to help him get back to his people. Little does Dakoda know that Jesse has been tracking her and holds crucial information about her past. (APHRODISIA, Dec., 304 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener