This story is an evenly paced, light read consisting of a minimal amount of conflict. Hillary Houston is an airline employee struggling with the concept of changing careers. A dream that she has continually pushed aside for most of her life may possibly become a reality.

Hillary meets Brandon Blair at a club one night when they are both out with friends. While his attraction for her is strong, Hillary remains unsure that Brandon is truly all he seems to be. Brandon quickly finds himself falling in love with Hillary, but must work hard to overcome his greatest flaw,jealousyas the two grow closer together.

I found it hard to stay interested in their story, because the plot and conflict basically consist of Brandons jealous nature. For me, this isnt enough to keep the story moving along at a comfortable pace.

My other frustration is that the characters were always too nice to one another. For example, Hillary would scold Brandon one moment and then give him a flowery apology the next. Even with the bad guy in the story the scenario was the same. Hillary scolded him and he became overly apologetic. This is a pattern that repeats itself throughout the book and quickly becomes mundane. (Aug., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pam Tullos