This is a fairly standard detective tale with a few unexpected tropes thrown in. There is some moderate character growth here, but nothing that important. The action is well paced and the characterizations are good, but one particular character acts in a manner that is completely outside of their characterization and the explanation for that action is unsatisfactory. Otherwise, it’s a great bedside read for a cold winter night.

James and Kincaid are adjusting, sometimes well and sometimes poorly, to life as domestic creatures rather than detective partners. Duncan has become a stay-at-home dad, while Gemma is working on the most difficult case of her career. In her new position, she must solve a difficult case involving events that happened 20 years prior, and the answers are definitely not where she expects to find them. (MORROW, Feb., 384 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs