After receiving the news of her cousin Lydia's untimely death, Joanna, Contessa di Capponi, returns to England to care for Lydia's small son, Miles. Miles has spoken little since his mother's death and Joanna blames his father, Guy de Salis, for both the child's silence, and his mother's death.

As Miles' governess and head of the household, Joanna unearths stories of Lydia's marriage. She tries to reconstruct Lydia's life, wondering more and more, if Guy could be responsible for her death.

Once he gets over the shock of Joanna's startling resemblance to Lydia, Guy becomes fascinated with Joanna. She is so unlike his dead wife; strong of character, loving, funny and kind. He wishes for a small portion of the devotion she gives Miles and the staff.

But, after learning how Guy ignored his wife, the cousin that Joanna adored, could she ever become devoted to him?

Katherine Kingsley has penned a Gothic romance with her own style, bringing a spirituality to the story in which love redeems lost souls and unites characters who deserve happiness. SENSUAL (May., 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin