Small-town action, romance and adventure—Southern Comfort has all three. DEA agent Fallon Hargis is not ready to die, especially at the hands of drug lord Earl Cavanaugh. But being trapped in a hotel room with Cavanaugh's goons leaves her with few options for escape. After giving them the slip, she does the unthinkable—barges into a strange man's room, orders him to strip at gunpoint and proceeds to join him on the bed with barely suppressed passion.

Wade Tanner has never had this kind of room service in his life, but he definitely likes it. And he likes the stunning beauty who is providing it. He only hopes she doesn't kill him after having her way with him.

Readers will enjoy the dry, witty humor and down-home feeling of this steamy, fast-paced romantic suspense! (Aug., 256 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Tanya Kacik