The pages sizzle with sexual tension in Whiteside's latest adventure romance. Even with a long setup of the characters' history, the pacing is quick and the treasure hunt/adventure riveting. Get set for a thrilling ride in and out of bed!

As the Civil War ravages the South, Confederate officer Morgan Evans carries out a secret mission in Memphis. When Southern belle Jessamyn Tyler believes he's spying for the Union, she captures him and ties him to a bed. Morgan lures Jessamyn into sharing it with him. When he escapes he vows to make Jessamyn pay for his humiliation. Years later they meet on the frontier, where Jessamyn follows her husband, Morgan's cousin Cyrus. After Cyrus' death, Jessamyn needs Morgan's help to claim her inheritance, a hidden treasure.

The old attraction returns as they hunt for the treasure with danger stalking them at every turn. Each learns more about the other, and a deep respect, along with a strong sexual bond, forms between them, turning lust to love and making them an unbeatable team as they fight against nature and a ruthless villain. (Brava, Sep., 300 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin