New Orleans cop Jody lets her best friend treat her to birthday fun at a male strip club, where Jody lays eyes on delectable stripper Logan Hart and decides that he's what she wants for her birthday.

Logan sweeps Jody away for a night of erotic pleasure, but in the morning she runs from his bed. Her intuition says that Logan could be more than a one-night stand, but her past won't allow her to get close to anyone.

Logan is actually a reporter on assignment, working different jobs for a month. Jody discovers this when he walks into the station to begin his next job—as her partner. Logan wants Jody in his bed again and wants to know why she's so distant.

Following his reporter instincts, he delves into her past and discovers her childhood link to an unsolved murder. Revealing this could send Logan's career soaring, but it could also lead a killer to Jody's door. Kelley's latest is laced with top-notch suspense and hot romance. This powerful, seductive tale is the sister book to Kelley's Southern Comfort. (Apr., 288 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell