Austin Webster and
his friend Drew have a sure-fire trick to thwart
a substitute teacher determined to
wipe spiritual truth off the Internet.

They transport themselves into the World Wide Web to surf as internauts. But when they're caught in a spam storm, they tumble helplessly from
website to website at the mercy of
carelessly chosen words.

Austin's sister and aunt try to get the boys out of the 'net and back home, but
a real-world tornado threatens Normal, Illinois. If Austin and Drew make it back, they might not have a home.

Elmer pens a tip-top nailbiter for
kids 8 to 12. The newest installment
of the Hyperlinkz series has just the right touch of zany action to make
reading a joy ride. (Aug. '04, 128
pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Nelson