Image of Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife


Image of Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife
Two years after she refused his proposal, Alannah Redfern sees Raul Esteban again in tragic circumstances: Her brother and his sister died together in a car accident. Raul is enraged; he had no idea his sister was involved with a Redfern. The tragedy brings back the painful and bitter feelings of the past, and the two can't deny their continued attraction to each other, but Alannah wants love, and Raul wants an heir. These two are quite a likable pair, and their chemistry is palpable. But if only they would talk to each other! They are so sure of what the other is thinking, and it isn't until practically the last page of Kate Walker's Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife (3) that they finally open up and reveal their true feelings.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers