Carmen believed her new English husband to be dead after the terrible battle which occurred soon after their wedding ceremony. Only the knowledge that she had killed her tormentor and escaped from the French with a precious new life growing inside of her keeps her from giving in to her grief.

Six long years later, Carmen travels to England with her lovely blond daughter, to discover the identity of the blackmailer who is writing terrible lies about her and her part in that battle. Not only is her husband alive, he believes the lies that have been written. How can she trust him now with the knowledge of their daughter, when he believes her to be a traitor and a whore?

THE SPANISH BRIDE, by the immensely talented Amanda McCabe, brings us the bittersweet tale of two people who believe that all of their chances at love have died in the ashes of war, only to find that the warmth of true love can thaw even the coldest of angers. (Aug., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck