Author Rick Hanson makes a truly spectacular paperback debut with this sharp, witty, fast-paced and thrilling suspense tale. A fabulous and funny read.

Ex-Marine, ex-cop and talented sculptor Adam McCleet knew he was in serious trouble the moment he stopped ducking his pain-in-the-butt sister Margot's frantic phone calls. Margot has a tendency to see everything in terms of herself and her own comfort, but this time something is seriously wrong.

The latest brave soul to call himself her husband, Dr. Phillip Stang, has mysteriously disappeared from an Orthodontists Convention in Seattle. Margot insists that Adam leave both his art exhibit at the Brooks Gallery and the beautiful Alison Brooks, to fly to Seattle to recover her missing husband.

Upon arriving in Seattle, Adam is disturbed to discover that Phillip really is missing, and to make matters worse there is a killer on the loose. The "Yuppie Ripper," is a serial killer who is preying on well-heeled tourists. Things take an even more bizarre twist when Phillip suddenly turns up alive, but minus a kidney.

With his unusual set of sidekicks, Adam follows the trail of greed, deceit and murder into the heart of the maze. But once there, will he be able to get himself and Alison back out alive?

(June, 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith