The last thing American privateer Nicherson Sparhawk needs is a pesky angel named Lily who is determined to have him rescue her sister, Rose Everard, from a loveless marriage. Lily saves Nick's life and "helps" him capture the ship Rose is traveling on.

Nick doesn't need one, let alone two women on board, but the vibrant Rose is a brave, intelligent, gentle yet determined young woman and with Lily pushing them together what chance does Nick have of resisting the temptation to fall in love?

However, Rose is betrothed and Nick is a confirmed bachelor. Besides, she is loyal to the King and Nick is an American patriot. If this isn't enough of a problem, there are dangers on the high seas and in port to test both Rose and Nick's loyalties and Lily's ability as an angel who has promised to bring Nick happiness.

Miranda Jarrett performs magic in this very special romance that tugs at your heart and pulls at your funny bone. Reading SPARHAWK'S ANGEL is pure pleasure, an unparalleled delight. Let us only hope that Lily will return to befuddle and bemuse future Sparhawks. SENSUAL (May., 380 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin