Scarred and embittered by the loss of his ship and his men at the hands of the infamous corsair Hamil, American Captain Jeremiah Sparhawk is stunned by the Lady Caro, Countess of Byfield's outrageous proposal.

Raised in a brothel and sold to the kind Earl of Byfield, Lady Caro will do anything to help rescue her husband from the pirates-even bribe Jeremiah with the lure of saving his best friend's life if he agrees to sail to Naples and help.

Though Jeremiah is unwilling to believe Caro's outlandish story, her courage and loyalty convince him to put some faith in her and he pledges to help.

From the high seas to Italy and Tripoli, from smokey taverns to perfumed harems and vile prisons, young, beautiful and innocent Caro and her handsome, virile captain find it increasingly difficult to ignore the sexual attraction between them. Trapped by their enemies' treachery and captured the evil Hamil, they will never give up hope of finding freedom and love.

Emotional, sensual, and filled with heartstopping excitement and tender moments, SPARHAWK'S LADY is a stunning addition to the unforgettable Sparhawk Series. Miranda Jarrett's best book yet. SENSUAL (June, 360 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin