It was the largest contract Katie Marcelli's burgeoning event-planning company had ever received. She should have known it came with ulterior motives. Attorney Zach Stryker is a very determined man, and when it comes to ensuring his son David's happiness, he'll use whatever means necessary—even bribing the sister of the bride.

Eighteen-year-old college students David Stryker and Mia Marcelli are young and engaged. Having married at a young age, Zach doesn't want David repeating his mistakes. When Katie's own engagement collapsed years ago, she decided to concentrate on her career. Now, her firm has a chance to hit the big time, but no matter how much she wants the business or how attractive she finds Zach, Katie won't interfere in Mia's engagement. Despite his original intentions, Zach may become a host with his own petard, as Katie and her family invade his life.

A sparkling gem, indeed! Susan Mallery shows off her storytelling talent and introduces readers to a warm and passionate family. THE SPARKLING ONE kicks off a terrific trilogy about the exploits of the Marcelli daughters. (Sep., 326 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith