Image of Sparks Fly: A Novel of the Light Dragons


Image of Sparks Fly: A Novel of the Light Dragons

This is the third book in MacAlister’s charming world of dragons, magic and romance. It might be hard for newcomers to the series to understand the history of the characters and their motivation, but a glossary of demons, dragons and places at the end of the book provides some help in figuring out who’s who. The world of Light Dragons is fantastical and wondrous; however, the reincarnation of characters in different worlds is just confusing. The dialogue has moments of hilarity, though, and the good humor keeps the pace interesting.

Ysolde is busy these days with her mate Baltic on the outs with everyone from his former guard to the First Dragon. And now the First Dragon is ordering that she right her past wrongs. Ysolde comes up with a convoluted plan that could affect everyone, mortal and immortal alike, and when her anger is released in a fiery frenzy, no one is safe. (SIGNET, May, 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes