Image of Sparrow Hill Road


Image of Sparrow Hill Road

The first volume of McGuire’s Ghost Stories is an evocative and profoundly creative work that instantly wraps around readers’ imaginations. Providing a new point of view for an old ghost story, this emotional, consistently surprising collection of adventures is also a striking testament to the power of American myths and memories. Full of captivating imagery and legendary characters who are each compelling in their own right, these stories explore all the vagaries of being alive and being dead — and being somewhere in between. Each chapter is a new journey, and all emphasize that this is a book, and potentially a series, worth savoring.

She is known by many names, and has become the heroine of countless ghost stories. But no story has ever come close to the true story of Rose Marshall. Sixty years ago, Rose was the first victim of a man named Bobby Cross, and since that fateful night, she has wandered highways, looking for those souls with no time left and helping them find their way. But Rose has never forgotten what happened to her and to so many others. It is those memories that keep her going, keep her wandering and keep her telling her stories. (DAW, May, 432 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown