The excitement never wanes in this not-so-classic tale of a hero saving his damsel in distress. Here, they are fighting otherworldly vampires while the heroine calls on the undead for support.

Mike Harris and Felicia McClellan begin a seemingly simple journey—to solve her best friend's murder. Their investigation soon propels them into the world of the undead, setting off a chain of events that should bring them closer together. But they become unsettled as they learn more about one another, straining their tenuous relationship. Mike even suspects Felicia of the murder, since evidence indicates she had the most to gain.

Interesting plot twists raise this book above the level of your average murder mystery, especially with the intrusion of the spirit world.

This is one to keep. Twists and otherworldly creatures liven up what looks to be a simple suicide. (Jan., 217 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown