Image of Speak to the Devil (The Brothers Magnus)


Image of Speak to the Devil (The Brothers Magnus)

Duncan doesn't disappoint with another extraordinary tale of magic, mayhem and family relationships. With great storytelling, stand-out worldbuilding, compelling characters and a quick-paced plot, this inventive fantasy will have you clamoring for book two.

Lancer Anton Magnus is summoned by Cardinal Zdenek from the bed of a baroness in the middle of the night. He's worried it's because of a jealous husband or accusations of heresy, but it's a spectacular display of horsemanship that brings him before the cardinal. Zdenek offers him an earldom if he will take command of a fortress. He thinks an invasion is imminent and that Anton possesses magical powers. Anton doesn't have magical powers. His brother convinces him to take the mission -- and the future is looking grim. (TOR, May, 304 pp., $27.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski